L&B Sparkle polish

Gawd, no posts for two weeks - sorry folks. It's been a frantic time, with work and personal life.

Hopefully I'll have more time to post this week, in the meantime here are some shots of recent manicures, or to be more accurate; me slapping a coat of cheapo holo glittery goodness over existing manicures! [I've had no time for mani's either]



I'll post more about these polishes soon but the glitter/holo topcoat is from a 4 piece set I picked up in Sainsbury's (a UK supermarket). The set is 1 creme (red) and 3 holo glitters. All of these pics show the black glitter layered over existing dark mani's (Nails Inc Berkeley Square and a burgundy/aubergine shimmer from Black Up). The polish base is pretty thin so this is best kept as a layering polish. For me it's been a lifesaver to slap over an existing tip-worn mani for a fast freshen up.


  1. Just perfect for December and all the parties :)

  2. I love holo anything! Bring on the holo!

  3. It's good to be busy. Smart nail varnish. I never bother - it always chips or my nails break. And I'm too old . . .


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