Jermyn Street Glitter

Another quick Christmas mani posting.

This is Jermyn Street Glitter from Nails Inc.


It's a special glitter mini version produced for a recent QVC TSV. With all the recent work madness I missed the TSV but really wanted to try the glitter version of Jermyn Street.

Thankfully my lovely BFF gifted it to me for Christmas. I didn't open her gifts until yesterday but wanted to try this straight away.

Jermyn Street is one of those mushroomy/taupey colours and the original is a defnite favourite of mine. The glitter in this version is silver and pretty fine but enough to lift the colour.

In comparison here's a very old and messy shot of the original Jermyn Street

And one of my first posts was a taupe comparison including Jermyn Street and $OPI Metro Chic

nails inc is a UK based nail bar chain who also sell their polish & treatments through stores, online and QVC. They began in London and all polishes are named after London streets. I've never had one of their mani's but I do have a *lot* of their polishes!

Jermyn Street is mostly known for it's gentleman's outfitters, a place for men to buy shirts, both made to measure and off the peg.


  1. I love taupe colors, and the glitter makes this one especially pretty!

    xo Caitlin

  2. thank you - I love these colours.

    Happy New Year

  3. Really beautiful! I think I like the creme one best. :)

    Happy New Year to you!

  4. I have the glitter version of this polish and love it! Now i really want the original one!

    Happy New Year :)

  5. Thanks gals and Happy New Year to you all

  6. I love Jermyn street as is, but OMG the glitter makes it stand out so much! Now I wish I'd gotten the QVC set just for that!

  7. All of the colours in the QVC set seem unique - I haven't swatched any others yet


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