Nails Inc - Winter Party Collection - part 1

The Nails Inc Winter Party Collection is a collection of four polishes and I've gotta say after the disappointment of the Hills Collection, these restored my, actually not that dented, faith in Nails Inc.

So on with the official descriptions from Nails Inc

Petticoat Lane - cerise glitter
The Mall – deep metallic violet
Kingly Street – silver glitter
Heddon Street - plum shimmer

Don't they even sound gorgeous?

I'm gonna tease you with these and post them individually.

First up is Petticoat Lane

Petticoat Lane is a raspberry jelly liberally sprinkled with a variety of pink glitters.


I would strongly suggest clicking on these for big versions and a closer look at the gorgeousness.

Tomorrow I bring you The Mall, a fabulous purple shimmer that is positively royal in it's lushness.


  1. petticoat lane is gorgeous. so girly and fun!

  2. so pretty! I've yet to try nails inc polishes but this set looks fantastic, I'm looking forward to seeing the other three polishes swatched :)


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