Teal Creme Comparisons

After being inspired by the lovely Nikki's review of Totally Teal from Boots No7 I got hold of a bottle for myself.

It's a gorgeous teal creme but while swatching it I had a sense of deja vu, didn't I have another colour that was very similar?

So I dug out some bottles and did a quick comparison. First up, the bottle shot
l-r No7 Totally Teal, Illamasqua Muse, Nails Inc Portland Place and Ciaté Paint Pots in Superficial

They're all the same colour family, but Muse looks a bit lighter

On the nail it's the same story, Muse is significantly different and lighter. As for the other three, Totally Teal (index) and Superficial (pinkie) look very dupey. Portland Place is greener and more jellyish although this was more visible IRL. This was 2 coats of each, but Portland Place was the least opaque.

I left the skittles on overnight and the next day remembered the Nails Inc Hills collection had a similar colour, Rodeo Drive.

So I replaced Muse with Rodeo Drive (and freshened up the others)


So now l-r is Totally Teal, Rodeo Drive, Portland Place and Superficial

Rodeo Drive is more dupey than Muse but is slightly more navy toned. The closest dupes are still Totally Teal and Superficial although in these pics Superficial looks a tad darker - not much in it though!

So I probably don't need both. Price wise they're not worlds apart, the RRP for Ciaté Paint Pots is probably more at £9 compared with No7 at £6.25 but I got mine in a deal and didn't pay that much.

Update: Just found another comparison for Superficial on Parokeets site: Essence – Meet You In Budapest vs. Ciate Paint Pots – Superficial


  1. Great pictures, after seeing this I really need to get a Teal nail varnish ! Which one would you say was best performance wise ?

  2. I haven't worn any for an extended period of time, but generally I find Nails Inc wear well. Perhaps that should be my next test!

  3. And as for application, they were all good. I was worried about Portland Place on the first coat but as it was pretty thin but it all evened out on the second.

  4. I am gonna get myself a teal next - funnily enough I was admiring Portland Place on Jules just the other night. I think Totally Teal may be the way to go for me. Shame I just came back from town :/


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