Maybelline MNY - 549 Midnight Taupe

Dark taupe creme  

549 Midnight Taupe is a dark, slightly purple leaning taupe creme.  The name suits it very well.

Swatches are 3 coats, no top coat.  This polish was pretty sheer on the first coat but does build eventually.

I'm not sure how long I've had this polish but check out that pigment separation?!  I did shake the bottle vigorously to mix it back up but it wasn't shifting.

This reminds me of buying custom mix paint colours from a DIY store -  it starts with a tin of base colour (usually pretty pale) and then type in a code for the colour you've chosen.  Intense pigment gets squirted into your pot but often you're watching thinking 'Why is that mustard yellow going into my blue paint?! - did they type in the wrong code?'  But somehow it comes out right once it's all mixed up.

Who would've thought that this purply taupe would contain so much khaki green pigment!


  1. I have this pigment issue with some of my Maybelline MNY polishes too! :O Must be the formula. The colour is nice though! :)


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