Nails Inc - Regents Place

Baby pink creme with secret shimmer 

Another Nails Inc Pink and an unexpected win 

Regent's Place, not to be confused with Regent's Palace which is a deep purple,  is a baby pink creme with secret shimmer.

You can see the shimmer slightly better in the bottle than on the nail but it's definitely there all the time, not just in sunlight.

And it's the shimmer that makes this polish.  It is a little stark & chalky but the pale pink secret shimmer softens the colour and makes it all forgiveable!

Swatch shown is 2 coats, without top coat.

This is not a colour I'd usually go for but I actually like it on....

What do you think, win or fail?

And what about nails inc and their similar polish names?  And don't get me started on them reusing polish names for new colours- it should be outlawed I tell you!