Nails Inc - Montrose Place

Fuchsia Pink Shimmer

Next in the pinks is Montrose Place...

Montrose Place is a fuchsia pink shimmer with a a purple flash.

It's nothing unique, I'm sure you all have several of these in your stash?

I seem to have at least four of this type of colour/finish just in my nails inc collection (Pacha Pink, Sloane St, China Town and Montrose Place!)  Although they do all look slightly different from each other!

Swatch shown is 3 coats with no top coat.


  1. Still pretty though. It reminds me of OPI's Pompeii Purple which lives in my stash :)

  2. Thanks ladies, apologies I've been away on hols for a week. Back now to actual sunshine in the UK!

  3. How about a comparison swatch post of all your similar NI colours? :-D

    1. It's definitely on the to do list! Together with swatching all my nails inc colours - though that could take some time... I've swatched most of the pinks and purples but not all posted yet. Need to do some more comparisons...


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