Nails Inc - Festival Pier

Bright neon leaning creme

At the moment my nails are broken and general stubby, I had a really low break on my index finger and it's going to take a while to grow back

So in the meantime I've got *loads* of older swatches to show you including some from the slow and ongoing project to swatch all my nails inc!

First up some pinks - and heading up the pinks is Festival Pier

It's a super bright, almost neon pink creme

Swatch shown is 2 coats, application was fab

Festival Pier is an older nails inc and I don't think it's a currently available colour which is a shame because it's gorgeous!


  1. This kind of color looks great on you, unfortunately not on me LOL

    1. awwh thanks, was surprised how well this works with my skintone..


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