Zoya Crystal

Silvery blue foil with gold  flakes

We're off to a housewarming party at our good friends, Matt and Liz, tonight so I wanted to try one of my new Zoyas. The one that called to me was Crystal because the colour combination is so unusual and it's a suitably 'party' colour without being a complete in your face glitterbomb!

I'm planning to wear this with a navy dress which I think will work well.

Closeup of the finish

Crystal is a silvery blue foil with gorgeous flakes of gold, an unusual combination that really works. For my collection this colour is very unique and I love it.

Crystal is from the Zoya Flame collection from Winter 2010.

This is a full mani, so basecoat, 3 coats of polish and as Zoya doesn't play well with Seche Vite (or any fast drying topcoats) I topped with 2 coats of a random slow dry topocoat. Be interesting to see how it wears.


  1. I am wearing Crystal now as well. It's lovely in pics, but I was amazed how much more beautiful it is in person.

  2. Just wanted to add: If you're looking for a quick dry topcoat that works well with Zoya, you need to find one that doesn't contain Cellulose Acetate Butyrate. The one I use that doesn't have this ingredient is Orly In a Snap. The wear is awesome.

  3. @Deb - yep, all the ones I have that I could find ingredients for had the evil in... Will keep an eye out for the Orly as currently I'm not wearing my Zoyas as much as I should/could


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