Haul Pics

l-r Savita, Mimi, Julieanne, Crystal

l-r Valerie, Edyta, Shawn, Ivanka

Lovely Zoyas from the recent Zoya '3-free' promotion. Unfortunately those deals only run in the US so my lovely friend Carl who lives in New Hampshire acts as my delivery address and nail polish mule!  So these come courtesy of Carl who got them as far as Orlando and then my Frolleague, Tim, who bought them back to the UK.  Thanks guys!

I also picked up a few (ahem) of the Andrea Fulerton Trios from Superdrug just before Christmas when they were 3 for 2. Don't they look pretty all lined up!

Swatches of these coming up.


  1. They do look pretty. I should ask my cousin in Philly to do the Zoya thing for me. And then fly over to collect them... ;o)


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