Del Sol - Rock Star

Blue glitter that changes to teal with sunlight

The other Del Sol Colour Changing polish that Jasmine sent me was Rock Star

Before sun Rock Star is sheerish mid blue base with blue glitter.

After a minute or so the colour is developing greener tones

And after a couple of minutes exposure to sunlight it has developed into a deep greenish blue which makes me think of a deep mysterious pool with lots of swaying weeds.

Although slightly sheer it builds ok , this is 4 coats, again I wonder how it would work layered over a complimentary colour?

Application was good and removal wasn't bad for a glitter.

I really liked this polish, both variations are gorgeous colours but the sunlight version has hidden depths!

Updated to say that Del Sol Colour Changing polish is available in the UK for £7.95 from R8Beauty


  1. That is a gorgeous gorgeous color. It looks great on you.

  2. so beautiful. i wish these were sold in my area.


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