W7 - Fluorescent Blue (that isn't)

I picked this up on a recent trip to TJ Hughes (a discount retailer in the UK) - I'd tried some W7 before (which I haven't posted yet - bad blogger) and the colour intrigued me.

W7 are a low cost cosmetics brand that I've only seen in discount cosmetics & perfume places. They make a full range of cosmetics but of course I've only bought nail polish! I thimk the price was around £3, maybe less

The bottles are a good size and pretty dupey for OPI bottles.

I didn't realise till I logged the swatch in my text file that it was called Fluorescent Blue - it's not fluorescent, not even a little bit. In my book it's a
sky blue pearl.

This is 3 coats, no topcoat as usual and surprisingly brushstroke free.

I must admit I like it a lot more on the nail than in the bottle - what do you lovely ladies think?