W7 - Blue Lagoon

Another W7 for you gals - I found the old photos I took, no mean feat as I have over 2000 images (multiples of each colour) in my unsorted swatches folder - eeek!

Boy this one's a beaut!



Blue Lagoon is a wonderful blurple with silver glitter

Perfect coverage in  2 coats, no topcoat.  Again I'm very impressed with the quality and coverage of a pretty cheap polish - nice!


  1. My local Debs has a small manicure area and they are knocking these out for £7.50!!! Can you believe that?! I don't have any as I assume they are a sort-of OPI 'rip-off'. I could so easily be wrong, I know. But £7.50!!! Maybe I should have a rethink on W7...

  2. £7.50 - that's ridiculous! I'm pretty sure I bought these in one of those odd cheap perfume, haircare, makeup places and my failing memory thinks they were 3 for £10. And the pale blue one was from TJ Hughes who usually seem to have a selection and that was £1.99!

  3. That's a fab shade. Really vibrant.

    I'd never pay £7.50 for a W7. The ones I have came from Peacocks and were £2.50!

  4. This is so beautiful! I'm a sucker for theis type of color.


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