Happy New Year!

Yes, I'm still alive although activity on here might lead you to think otherwise!

Unfortunately I fell foul of the most horrendous flu bug over Christmas (which I'm still not quite over and caused me to have a very miserable time) and combined with too much on in the second half of December meant my poor blog got rather neglected.

I hardly did my nails at all (my Christmas day mani was bare nails!) - I did manage to find the enthusiasm for a quick mani with one of the Andrea Fulertons I picked up while Christmas shopping and was very impressed with the wear.

I got 4 days with just some minor tipwear and then a bit more chipping on day 5.

I did a lot of cooking, dog walking and some housework so I was very impressed with how it held up.

Here's a candid shot of my left hand at the end of 5 days - my right hand was slightly worse (I'm right handed).

This is one of the Trios - Princess and is more vibrant than this low light picture shows. I'll do a fuller review at a later date but it's a double ended bottle with two polishes, designed to be layered over each other. One end is a purple glass/foil (2 coats on each nail) and then one coat of a hot pink glass/foil on my ring finger.