BobbyPin Nail Collection from Boots

I thought I'd share these swatches as all the Christmas gift sets seem to be half price in Boots now.

This is a BobbyPin gift set with 4 polishes, two toe separators and a leopard print nail file, all presented in a squarish zip up clear bag.

Both the bag and the polishes have line drawing artwork - which I like and almost makes up for no polish names or numbers!

Bobbypin is created by jeffrey fulvimari, who google informs me is a fashion illustrator best known for illustrating Madonnas children's book.

I could only find my swatch pictures for two of the colours - I'm sure I swatched all of them but they're hiding, pesky pics!

First up is Stripey Hat Lady - a nude shimmer.

This is 2 coats, no topcoat and application was fine.  As you can see the bottles are of the Nails Inc style with the lid being as wide as the polish bottle which I know some gals find tricky.  The polish consistency and brush were fine, although the brush was a little short so you might run into problems towards the bottom of the bottle.  The bottles are also pretty wee at 4.5ml - a little bigger than an OPI mini but smaller than an Orly mini.

I really like this colour, it's subtle and elegant - definitively a conservative work friendly shade.

Next up is Wavy Haired Earring Lady - a cool toned mid purple pearl/chrome. 

Again this is two coats and application was good. And not too bad on the brushstroke front given the finish.

The other two colours are a dusky pink shimmer (Wavy Haired Necklace) and a bright red creme (Sunglasses Lady).  They'll turn up as soon as I hit publish, right?!

[edit] I took new pictures for Sunglasses Lady - a bright red creme, this is two coats, probably could've used 3

The original price for this set was £10 so £2.50 per polish if you don't include the extras. Not too bad a price but this set was in the Boots gift promotion where you got 3 for the price of 2 so I didn't pay that much. And of course post-Xmas it'll be £5 which is definitely worth a punt if you can find some.


  1. I'm one who finds those type of caps a bit tricky to use but would buy these just to look at the bottles--love the artwork on them. :)

  2. This is a really cute set!

    I agree with KarenD- those caps are funky, but the cute faces of the ladies are irresistible! I'd buy them! :)

  3. Yay - everyone loves the bottles. I think this tells us that jeffrey fulvimari should go into the polish business as long as he puts his cute drawings on the bottle or lids!


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