Pure - Persian Red

This is Persian Red, a Raspberry creme with slight jelly finish.  I wore this as a full mani so this is 2 coats and  topcoat.  It's a pretty colour, good with my skintone (cool) and very shiny!

Pure is one of those brands I'd never heard of before. I spotted it while browsing on the Debenhams site. I think it's a Spanish brand - the squiggly writing on the left of the bottle says "Carlo di Roma"

I've never seen this in stores nor seen it on any other blogs.  Although I think Carlo di Roma have other brands that are more widespread - am I right in thinking they crop up in Dollar stores in the US?


  1. Ooh, very pretty! I've never heard of Pure before...their bottles are gorgeous. :)

  2. I like it too! Everything jelly works for me :)

  3. Despite the Italian name, Carlo di Roma is indeed a Spanish brand. Most of their products are manufactured in Gavà, near Barcelona, while others are made in Germany, as far as I know. Pure is their high-quality line. Consider yourself lucky, because even their standard line is hard to find here in Spain. As for me, I've NEVER come across one of their Pure ones.


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