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Gawd, this moving lark is killing my nails. This weekend I managed to badly bang my thumb against a desk corner while moving a sofa. Boy did it hurt, almost as much as when I accidentaly electrocuted myself changing the bulb in the extractor fan! And I now have a small blood blister under the nail - eek!

And today I've had to trim my ring and pinkie on my swatching hand as they looked so out of place with the index and middle that had broken low down. So I am stumpy nails for a few weeks which means more old swatches from 'back in the day'.

So here's my first featured butter LONDON. I don't have many of these, in fact the sum total of 2!

I picked them up in a previous ASOS sale, not because they were particularly amazing colours but just because I didn't have any and at the time was reading a lot of conflicting opinions about the polish quality.

Now obviously you shouldn't judge a brand too strongly on just two polishes (otherwise I never would've bought another OPI! - seriously my first two were lame, a big disappointment - I must dig them out and revisit)

This is Bezzie Mates a bright fuchsia pink that has a slight squishy jellyness to it. The name is a UK colloquialism for best friends, originating from Liverpool.

butter London, despite the name, is not a British brand though. It's an American company, though founded by two Brits, Sasha Muir and Nonie Creme, hence the polish names.

This was two coats and topcoat.

I thought the polish was fine, not awesome, butteryness (as you might imagine from the name!) but by no means as bad as some of the comments had led me to think.

Anyone got strong opinions on butter London?


  1. I have 3 and they are all excellent quality. Minger, Scoundrel and Rosie Lee. I don't like Minger much colour-wise but the quality is irreproachable. Bezzie is a bit "meh" by the looks of it.


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