Stuttgart Haul part II

Sorry for the lack of posts, it's been rather hectic in Polishtopia land with travelling, work and general life stuff. To keep you sated here's the second part of my Stuttgart/Sindelfingen haul.

Sadly I didn't find anywhere else that had Catrice to plug the gaps (odd as I think they're headquarted in Stuttgart!) but I did manage to find a great selection of P2, including the summmer collection and some Maybelline NY I hadn't seen before.

Here they are all laid out - I'll tell you with these and the previous haul my bag was a *lot* heavier going home than it was going out!

And all of my colleagues think I'm pretty odd for seeking out and buying so much polish on a work trip!

And don't forget only another hour to enter my giveaway - I've had a phenomenal amount of entries so thanks & good luck to everyone who's entered.


  1. haha- I get "the crazy look" from people most of the time when I'm buying polishes for a few swaps or after they've changed their permanent displays

  2. Travel broadens the mind and depletes the wallet. Now where should I go for the best polishes?

  3. I so know about the heavy suitcase phenomena, it was especially true after my humongous London haul! You found some of those new MNY, can't wait to see those swatched ;)

  4. such a huge haul but i love them all :)

  5. Fantastic haul! P2 is great.

  6. I'm drooling over the P2's so nice!


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