Ciate Refresher

 It's been mostly sunny and bright but crisp here in the UK today, well at least the part where I am, and this polish is bright and crisp too.

Mind you I've been stuck in an office all day, but I can't complain too much as our offices overlook the river Thames, all the trees are in bud or bloom so it's actually quite lovely, if somewhat distracting.  Not as bad as in the summer when all the party boats come past....

Anyhow, on to the polish - this is Refresher by Ciaté, a pale powder blue hint of periwinkle.

It was a bit tricky to work with, streaky (not uncommon with pastel cremes) and I had to be careful with polish drag.  This is 3 coats which isn't too bad and I love the finished effect.

The name made me think of Refresher sweets from my childhood but I was curious as I didn't remember them having blue sweets, they were certainly pastel but green, pink and orange or yellow.  But a quick search on google turned up another sweet called Refreshers, a chewy sweet, whose background colour looks very similar to this!


  1. Refresher is so beautiful on you! I was able to order a few of them. I love the bottles :)

  2. Very very cute!

  3. Nice finish and pretty color!

  4. I loved those Refresher bars mmm

  5. Very cut, i love the color blue.

  6. Bee-ootiful colour! But I think I like it in the bottle more. The bottle is very pretty too!

  7. I love it on your nails. They are major cute:)!


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