Salzburg Haul

Apologies for the lack of posting - As well as the ongoing building work (see Builder's Tea), I've been away on a business trip to Salzburg

I was hoping to pickup some unusual polish but limited trawling of the pharmacies and nail bars near my hotel only yielded a small selection of OPI DS and some Essies - all of which were madly expensive. The euro exchange rate isn't good news for Brits shopping in Europe.

But then in the airport on the way home I was idly walking round the duty free shop, past the teddy bear's wearing leiderhosen and the chocolate Mozart balls when I stumbled upon a small nail polish stand where I spotted these beauties.


They're only minis but check out the awesome flakiness (click for huge pics) - if these apply anything like the bottle I'll be very pleased.

And they were only 3 euros each which didn't seem a bad price.

I think Alessandro are a German brand - anyone got any experience of these?


  1. Those look sooooo gorgeous, especially the one on the far left. I hope they look as good on the nail as they do in the bottle.

  2. Oh, yea - left one is gorgeous. What is the number of that polish?
    I have few of their polishes and ther pretty good.

  3. thanks gals - hoping to post swatches soon
    L-R the numbers are 180, 192, 190


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