H&M Polishes


I picked these up a couple of months ago at H&M on Oxford Street. I didn't know H&M sold nail polish so I was pretty excited to spot these and squeeed at the colours!

First up is Enchantress Emma, a turquoise blue with blue shimmer.

Gorgeous colour but this was very slow to dry and this is 3 coats and I still have VNL


Next is Fashionista, a mid royal purple shimmer. I *love* this colour, it's just beautiful and this is only 2 coats. This is definitely the star of the show for me.


Finally - Sophisticated Susanna, a bright coral with slight shimmer. Again this is
2 coats.

Overall the bright, unique (for me) colours and the right amount of shimmer in these polishes compensated for the minor application issues.

I can't remember how much they were, I think less than £5 each though


  1. WOW i love them all! but the purple is really awesome! i have an h&m polish a friend sent me from denmark and i love it! looks like the brand makes good ones all around :)

  2. I didn't know that H&M has polishes either. Great colours and I like the shape of your nails, it's really great.

  3. Thanks gals, I have 3 more of these to swatch/share and some holo ones (in different bottles)

  4. I like H&M polishes :)
    I've only got the golden holo and still on the hunt for the other two ones (blue and another colour, can't remember)

  5. I absolutely love the two first, I have to check out H&M when I go home. :)


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