Ciaté - Iced Frappe

Taupe creme 

I have a bunch of these Ciaté mini bottles, mostly from the Ciaté advent calendars that seem to have become a standard offering from the brand and which usually appear in TK Maxx at some point.  This is the first of the mini's I've shown.

The bottles are 5ml, pretty standard for a mini and rather than the fabric bow attached to the full size bottles, these have a bow printed on the label.

Iced Frappe is a lovely soft milky taupe/mushroom shade, quite pale for a taupe and with a hint of purple.

Taupe's are definitely one of my favourite colour groups so I like this very much.

Application was fine, I didn't have any issues with the mini brush or bottle.

Swatches shown are 2 coats, no top coat but you can see it's pretty glossy even without top coat.


  1. I see why you love taupe nuances, they suit you well!


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