Sunday, 27 March 2016

Ünt Sun Envy - The Plunge NV075

Soft mid blue creme  

The sun was briefly shining on this Easter Sunday so I'd thought I'd go with something soft and spring like

Ünt is a skincare and cosmetics company based out of Taiwan but who sell and market across the globe with free shipping to the UK. According to their website the name stands for Untitled, no mention of how that umlaut crept in!

I first discovered them through the recommendation of Simply Nailogical on youtube who raves about Ünt's peelable base coat (which isn't glue based like a lot of others) - and her bag of 'peelies' is surely a thing of wonder!

When placing my order for said basecoat I also added a handful of other items including this gel-effect polish.

The Plunge is a soft blue creme with maybe a hint of periwinkle?

Application was good and the swatches show 3 coats with no top coat.

I've had mixed results so far with the peelable based coat, more testing required!


  1. Love this colour - looks like it applies like a dream too :D

  2. It's a pretty light blue for spring!


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