Nails Inc - The Cocktail Collection - Maliblush

Bright orange creme  

The last of the Malibu Cocktail Collection is Mailblush...

Maliblush is a slightly reddish orange creme

Application and formula were spot on and these swatches are 2 coats, no top coat.

Sadly despite Malibu holding events where Maliblush cocktails were available I've been unable to find a recipe, so feel free to invent your own with some red/orange ingredients!

The other sweet thing about these themed bottles is on the back they say 'do not consume' and
'enjoy Malibu responsibly'.  I had to laugh at the thought of someone thinking they were tiny bottles of drinkable cocktails....!


  1. Hehe that is funny with the "do not consume" lol.

    This orange is okay, I can't say it is really doing anything for me :-| I think it's the kind I would probably skip. I really liked the other two - can't like 'em all I guess :-)

    1. I know, the thought of drinking nail polish makes me shudder!

  2. 'do not consume' and 'enjoy Malibu responsibly' - hahahaha that is hillarious...
    It's a pretty shade!

    1. Makes you wonder how much it was a joke and how much they felt they had to say that in case someone actually tried to drink it!


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