Monday, 7 July 2014

Models Own - Utopia

Greyed pale pink/lilac creme  

I really thought I'd blogged this one years ago, but couldn't find it anywhere so here it is (maybe again!)

Utopia is a pretty unusual colour that totally works.  I'd say it was a pale pink leaning lilac that definitely has a hint of grey in there that stops it looking too 'standard' if you know what I mean.

Application was ok, although it did take 3 coats and I needed to add topcoat to smooth it all out, but it looks fab after all that!

And could this be the closest polish name to my blog name?!


  1. You wear these types of colors so well - I'm slightly envious LOL

  2. The colour is quite subtle but it's nice :-)

  3. It just pops on your fingers, I am not a nude lover but this is awesome! :)


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