Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Models Own - Top Turquoise

Muted turquoise creme  

Top Turquoise is a mid, muted turquoise creme,  which is slightly unshiny when dry.

For me this was opaque in 2 coats but nearly all the other swatches I saw were 3 coats - weird

This is another old one (2009ish) and doesn't seem to be available on the Models Own site anymore...


  1. It's a nice colour. I don't have many MO - a few and the Beetlejuice ones, of course ;-)

    1. Ashamed to say I have a lot and many are unworn/unswatched....

  2. That's so fun, I had it in my untrieds too - and swatched just a few days ago :)


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