Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Black Up - Shade 08

Aubergine shimmer  

I picked this polish up from Debenhams (UK department store) when I was on one of my 'must check out all unknown brands' kick - thankfully I've grown out of that now - mostly!

Black Up, as you'd expect, is a range of cosmetics for women of colour and I think is only sold in Debenhams in the UK.  Their branding says Black Up Paris.

Shade 08 is a lovely, if not unique, burgundy/aubergine/eggplant shimmer

This had a great formula, easy to apply, opaque and long wearing

Swatches shown are 2 coats with no top coat.

As this is another of my swatches from 2010 they've actually changed the bottles since I bought this but there's still a colour called 08 which looks similar on the online swatch.


  1. What a pretty deep shade! I've never tried this brand! :-)

    1. I do still have to restrain myself from wanting to checkout *all* the unknown brands....

  2. *Swoooon* aubergine shimmer, how come I do not own this one *must own any aubergine shade - especially those with shimmer*
    LOL - sorry for my rambling, but it's stunning!

    1. Glad to see other folk have their irrational obsessions too!


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