Nails Inc November - All Saints Road

Bright blue creme  

After last years whole month of Nails Inc swatches and given that my collection has only got bigger since then (the spreadsheet says 440 unique nails inc colours but given the madness of wedding planning this year I know there are polishes unlogged) I've decided to repeat it.

So for the whole of November I will only be sharing Nails Inc swatches, I doubt if I'll manage every day (there are still wedding thank you cards to write!) but pretty often...

So let's kick off with a gorgeous blue...

All Saints Road is an intense mid blue creme.

Application was Nails Incs' usual perfection

Swatch shown is 2 coats with no top coat.

All Saints Road isn't a current nails inc colour but you can pick it up on ebay somewhat easily.


  1. Oh, I look forward to November now - I love Nails Inc, and this one is absolutely gorgeous!


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