Alessandro - 202

Orange foily shimmer  

Happy Halloween!

As you've probably worked out, I don't do nail art... Mostly time (I'd rather be swatching) but also a big dose of assuming I'd be terrible at it!  But as it's Halloween the least I can do is share a fabulous orange toned polish with you lovely folk.

So here is Alessandro 202, a glowy orange foily shimmer.  The shimmer is gold and adds to the depth.

It is a little sheer, this swatch is 3 coats and there's definitely still a hint of VNL..

But the best bit, you can pick up this bottle of Alessandro polish (10ml) for only £1 on HalfPricePerfumes, although I'm not sure you'd be expecting this colour based on the swatch on there!

Alessandro is a quality German brand and this size bottle would normally retail for around £8.95


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