Nails Inc November - Pink Fizz

Dusty pink creme  

Pink Fizz was one of two promotional colour offered as part of a special deal with Dove body products I think.  I picked these up on ebay.  I think the other was Mulled Wine...

It's a mini 4ml bottle and has a plastic silver lid rather than the usual metallic finish ones.

The colour is a pretty standard dusky pink creme, and I'm sure it would be pretty similar to an existing Nails Inc colour if I did a comparison.


  1. I really like that colour actually. And it looks really nice on your skin tone.

    1. Thank you! Sometimes colours just work...

  2. This type of color looks so amazing on you, you are good in the dusty shades I think :)

  3. You're right - I do love a dusty shade! I'm very fair, blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin so softer colours do work better for me.


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