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Dusky dark blue glitterbomb  

Wow, September was a bit of a washout here, only 2 posts all month.  But I have a good excuse, really...  I got married!

On September 14th 2013, after 14+ on/off years my beloved and I got married... We had a wonderful, relaxed, intimate wedding with our closest family and friends and then spent a fabulous honeymoon relaxing and diving in El Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt.  So I'm afraid the blog took a bit of a back seat!

But more importantly, what did I wear as my bridal mani?

I couldn't ever imagine myself going down the subtle, traditional route of an Essie Ballet Slippers or OPI Bubblebath type colour, nothing wrong with those colours but I don't wear them in real life so why would I wear them on my wedding day?  I had the same thoughts about my hair and makeup!

Fittingly my choice came about from swatching for the blog a few months ago, I was working my way through another clutch of Nails Inc, swatched a polish and realised it looked just like my wedding shoes!

So here is my wedding mani, Nails Inc Sloane Gardens

Sloane Gardens is a slightly greyed out dark blue glitterbomb.

Swatches shown are 2 thick coats which gave me full coverage.  This stuff eats topcoat though, I put on a couple of coats and ended up with a bumpy rather than gritty finish.  I didn't mind though as the finish on the shoes wasn't super shiny either....

And if you want to see the matching shoes (and the dress, hair & bow and the totally stunning groom) then the preview shots from our amazing photographer are here -


  1. Oh congratulations! :D I love this manicure and it actually is the same as the shoes!! I chickened out with mine (it turned out to be Essie "Vanity Fairest") but my Orly "It's not rocket science" toes matched my green wedding dress perfectly!

    1. Thanks Lina-Elivra! Love the idea of a green wedding dress in such an amazing shade. I was convinced I was going to do coloured dress but somehow bought an ivory one, which turned out to a big/good surprise for the groom!

  2. Oh wow congrats! I love the nails and they are a prefect match for your shoes! Your wedding pictures are amazing! :-)

    1. Awwh thank you so much. It was such an amazing day and we're so pleased with the results from the photographer...

  3. Congratulations! Love the matching shoes and mani - wicked!!

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