Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Nailgirls - Blue #1

Blue/blurple shimmer   

Nailgirls is a new brand to me, I've seen them on other blogs but as they only seemed to be available from their website and there had never been a must-have colour I hadn't got round to picking any up.  But then they cropped up in 4-bottle collections on Cocosa which is one of those private sale sites (a high-end one at that!).

Nailgirls polish retails at £10.50 and the 4-packs were £17.00 so not a bad deal although obviously you couldn't choose the shades...

So enough gabbing, here is the snappily named Blue #1

Nailgirls bottles are large, 15ml and the same shape as Pop Beauty and very similar to American Apparel

Blue #1 is a blurple leaning blue shimmer with silver, blue and purple fine shimmer.  

Application was ok, the formula was kinda thin - I have 2 thick coats on my ring finger and 3 thin coats on others.

It's a pretty colour but not massively unique...

Anyone else tried nailgirls polish or been to their salon in London?

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  1. OH this is so beautiful will have to check out their website - I have never heard of this brand before!


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