Leighton Denny - The Heiress

Lilac/periwinkle mid purple creme

So, even if the weather here in the UK isn't playing ball, I'm going to pretend it is Spring and show you a lovely spring purple, Leighton Denny's The Heiress

Swatch shown is 2 coats with no top coat.  Formula was wonderful as it always is for Leighton Denny.

Love this colour, it's definitely my favourite shade of purple and after looking at it a while it started to look slightly familiar....

So I dug out one of my all time favourite Nails Inc shades, St John's Wood for a comparison

The comparison is St John's Wood on index and little finger, Heiress on middle and ring.  If we're being picky they're not total dupes, SJW is a tad darker/more intenses  but we're really splitting hairs - they're as good as dupes.

Although both retail for around the same amount Nails Inc is much easier to pick up cheaply on ebay....  I'd say formula is comparable, both awesome cremes.  As for longevity, I've never done a comparison - something to add to the todo list!


  1. I love both of these, my favorite types of purple too, not too pastel, not too dark!


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