Leighton Denny - Supermodel

Mink/Greige Creme 

I realised recently that I have neglected to so far to share any of my Leighton Denny polishes with you guys, so I'm going to rectify that with a whole week of 'em!

Long time readers of my blog will know that I had felt a bit meh about the brand, mostly due to the price.  Despite the RRP being around the same as nails inc, with nails inc it's pretty easy to never pay the RRP.  They're widely available on ebay, nails inc do regular deals and offers and frequent giveaways with magazines and other products.  
Whereas Leighton Denny seem to go for more of a premium on ebay and there's less available and until recently they didn't seem to do many magazine or other offers.  And even the deals on QVC weren't super discounted.  Slowly, though, they have become more available.....

So, somehow, from not having any Leighton Denny's 18 months ago, I now have quite an extensive collection, courtesy of ebay, TK Maxx and even the private sale site BrandAlley.

During my buying spree I've somehow amassed over 70 Leighton's (how did that happen?!)  but like my Nails Inc, so far I haven't paid full price for a single bottle!  Which suits me fine, I really like Leighton Denny, the polish, the classy bottle, the great brush, but I'd still rather not pay £11 for them!

I'm kicking off my Leighton Denny week with, to me, the signature polish, Supermodel.

Supermodel is described by Leighton as a 'Fabulous Mink Shade' and it used to be limited edition but proved so popular it's now part of the core line.

I'd describe it as a a warm greige, it's definitely more brown than grey and there isn't as much purple as some of these colours.

This swatch is 2 coats, no top coat.  I'm afraid the pictures aren't the best, I had a big repair on my ring finger which is more visible than I'd like.

This is a big favourite with both of my nail polish wearing besties but still it took a TK Maxx bargain boxset for me to try this!

I really shouldn't have waited as I love these kind of colours and the formula, application and shine are all amazing. It's definitely a polish I reach for when I want something fairly neutral, easy to wear and easy to apply.

And it strikes me that this is a creme version of one of my favourite shades, Zoya Pasha

For readers outside the UK, Leighton Denny  is one of the few 'celebrity' manicurists in the UK.  He regularly appears on QVC to promote his products and is quite a prolific tweeter, sharing updates from shoots, his celebrity clients, travel woes and gym workouts!

I first saw his products at the spa in Centerparcs.  I've also spotted them in the department store, John Lewis and you can buy them from his website.

What I also like is the polish is made in the UK, in Gwent to be precise.

What do you think about Leighton Denny polishes, a convert like me?