Leighton Denny Sunset Lovin'

Brick red with pink shimmer 

Another Leighton Denny mini

Sunset Lovin' is a brick red creme with masses of pink shimmer

Swatch is 2 coats with no top coat.

I really didn't expect this to work with my skintone as it's such a warm orangey red but I think the pink shimmer lifts it and it looks fine.

It's an unusual colour/finish combination and I really like it.  I seem to have been drawn to polishes with unusual shimmers recently which reminds me I must post Nails Inc Covent Garden Ballet soon!


  1. I think it looks pretty special when the sun hit it :) The shimmer is really nice and not too visible!

  2. This is really unique! And it looks super pretty on you too!

  3. Thanks! This one was an unexpected hit!


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