Leighton Denny - Supermauva

Grey shimmer with purple flash

This could be seen as another polish 'inspired by' Chanel  Paradoxal in that it's a grey/taupe with masses of purple shimmer that shows as a flash

I don't have Paradoxal to compare but it seems like the base of  Supermauva is more of a pure grey rather than a brown leaning purple/greige but of course it does still have the purple flash although overall it seems less purple than the swatches I've seen of Paradoxal.

I certainly wouldn't say this was a dupe but it's in the same family...

You can also see in the bottle and second picture a hint of green duochrome in Supermauva that I don't think is in Paradoxal.  Would be great if this was a stronger colour flip.

Swatch shown is 2 coats, no top coat.


  1. This one is more grey which I prefer: it's quieter. Paradoxal's base appeared to me like a purple/brown (at least on my nails), also it's darker than "Supermauva".

    I love this name by the way. Supermauva. (I love the polish too) Leighton Denny's polishes have interested me a lot lately but I still don't know where to begin after having picked "My Planet or Mine". :)

  2. Thanks nathalie, quietier is a good way of putting it. I have My Planet or Mine too but haven't tried it yet.


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