Nails Inc - Saville Row

Deep plum creme

Here's number 9 of my Nails inc that are available from Sephora

Nails inc describe Saville Row as deep glossy plum which I'd say was pretty accurate.

Swatch is 2 coats, no top coat. Application was good, as always.

It's not a particularly exciting colour, but it's a good classic colour, done well.

In comparison with other, similar, nails inc colours, Victoria is much more of a dark red/plum and has jelly tendancies. I also thought it might be similar to Tower Bridge but that's much darker, almost black.


  1. This colour is one of my favs from Nails inc, and I think I was lucky enough to get it in a magazine promotion! Looks lovely on you

  2. Your nails are beautiful really nice shape xx

  3. @hayley86bright awh, thanks hun. It's easy to be critical of your own nails when you look at pics of them so much so that's nice to hear.


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