Nails Inc - Floral Street

White creme

This is number 6 in my collection of nails inc that are now available at selected Sephora.

And it's a first for me, an opaque white, Floral Street

Nails inc describe Floral Street as brilliant white and I'd go along with that, it's definitely a pure white and I was a little aprehensive that this would apply and look like tippex, but I was pleasantly surprised; application was good and while it's definitely stark it doesn't look too much like the manicures I used to do as a 13 year old whilst bored in double physics...

And although I don't have any other experience of white cremes I've read enough to think that 2 coats to non-streaky opaqueness isn't half bad.


  1. 2 coats for a white creme? Amazing!

  2. @KarenD good huh, Scrangie posted this today too and she did 3 coats so I must've been having a very good day!

  3. I really like this, I can't believe it looks like that after 2 coats! Amazing x


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