Nails Inc - St James's

Bright red creme

Next up in my Nails Inc Sephora collection is St James's

I love this polish, I've always been a red fan but kinda gave up on them because all the ones I'd tried seemed to take too many coats before they were opaque...

Not so St James's...

This swatch is 2 coats, and it's almost opaque in one.

St James's is a bright red creme, I don't think it's orange toned or pink toned, it seems like a straight up red.

It's actually not a plain creme, there is a small amount of shimmer, it's not massively visible but does add a bit more interest to this great red.

Application and formula were great. If you're looking for a fantasic red creme you could do a lot worse than St James's


  1. very pretty. I'm loving reds lately, so many subtle differences between them, this one looks like pure red and it looks great on you

  2. Nice and bright! I had to click in to see that shimmer--glad you mentioned it was there. :)

  3. Normally I am not so into the reds, because somehow they seem all the same to me. But this one is absolutely a pretty one, thank you for showing

  4. I love reds but feel the same as you, two many coats are annoying! Love this though!


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