Catrice - Mirror, Mirror

Silver chrome/frost

Oh dear, you can see from the mess I made of this swatch that me and this polish really didn't get along.

Brushstrokey, streaky and I even got a ding on my index finger - gawd.

These terrible swatches belong to Catrice Mirror, Mirror from the Glamourama Collection
I'd describe Mirror Mirror as a silver chrome with a dollop of frost

Swatch shown is 3 coats, no top coat.



  1. Aww, maybe if it were a little thinner? This polish finish is notoriously difficult to work with. The first time I applied china glaze millennium I freaked out. I thought it was impossible to apply. I eventually got it, but it is tricky. I think quick and thick is the with that one, because it dries fast.

  2. Nice colour, shame about the streaks!


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