Models Own Pro - Stormy Night

Dark grey shimmer with hidden pink glitter

The second of the Models Own Pro range I picked up was Stormy Night. 

In the bottle it's a promising grey shimmer with fine sparkly pink glittery pieces.

Unfortunately once on the nail the pink sparkles all but disappear

Now it just looks like a regular grey shimmer.

Application was great. Swatch is 2 coats with top coat to try and bring out the sparkles, in vain.

Overall this was a disappointment, you can't really see the pink at all, it just looks grey.

Thumbs down from me.


  1. Two keys words: hidden and disappointment.

  2. Sorry to hear that. Looks nice in the bottle though!Had the same when I bought Catrice's I wear my Sunglasses at Night. Lots of green and purple glitter in the bottle, no glittering at all on the nails... That's disappointing!

  3. I'm sorry it was a disappointment! It's so gorgeous in the bottle!

  4. Yeah, overall so near but ultimately so far...


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