Accessorize - Pin-Up Take II

the purple glittery one!



The puzzle is resolved, several months ago I showed you another polish called Pin-up by Accessorize that I bought online.

As Jaljen pointed out they were sending out the wrong polish for online orders. Poking around in Superdrug a couple of weeks ago I spotted this which looked very interesting. Turns out it is also called Pin-up (eh?) and this is what I thought I was ordering before (still following?!).

I can only assume the previous one was mis-labelled although I can't work out which name it should've had!

Either way, this one is stunning.

It's a deep vampy purple jelly with silver glitter/shimmer. Although the glitter looks pink on the nail when you remove the polish you can see it's actually silver but the jellyish polish makes it appear pink, too cool!

This swatch is 2 coats, the polish doesn't dry smooth so I topped it off with topcoat for a glossy finish. And of course it's the normal glitter polish removal challenge!

I'm so happy I stumbled across the 'real' Pin-up!


  1. Love this kind of purple, it's so gorgeous! Shame they sent you the wrong one. I've had no qualms with Accessorize polishes yet, I've loved them all! xx

  2. I now have both. Must post pix of them! The proper Pin-Up is fabulous. I majorly love Accessorize. They did offer me a swap but I couldn't be bothered....

  3. I'm loving the accessorize polish range, ive yet to try them but this is definitely on my wishlist now!! i hate the removal challenge :/ worth it for this gorgeous jelly htough - i think purple is my favie colour on the nails! they also do some great lipstics and facial highlighters in the range if youre into that!
    love from a new blogger/follwer also from the uk :D


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