MeMeMe - Chic

Cool brown creme

MeMeMe Long Lasting Gloss in Chic (81)

I'd described this a slightly milky chocolate creme and the swatch shown is two coats with no topcoat.

MeMeMe is, as far as I know, a Superdrug exclusive brand as well as being available online from their website.

They've recently revamped the range and this is one of the new polishes.  They have some nice colours, good size bottles and a good price (<£4 IIRC)  and I picked these up on a 3 for 2.

So why am I not shouting these from the rooftops?  In a word, the brush, it is truly, gobsmackingly awful.  MeMeMe describe it as having 'Maxi Brush Technology', for me that meant a huge fat brush that was almost impossible to control, combined with a somewhat gloopy texture meant this was like trying to apply polish with a piece of limp pasta on a handle!

I had to do a whole heap of cleanup to get the swatch pictures looking halfway presentable.

Now to caveat my rant, I do have small hands with narrow, petite nails.  Maybe this brush 'technology' will work better for others.  For me, this (and the other 2 I bought - swatches to follow) are going straight in the donation/car boot sale box!


  1. Looks nice. I have 'Demure' and can't recall mega-problems. Not the greatest quality though...

  2. ive been lemming this polish for a while im glad you warned me about the quality o the brush - it really ticks me off when they ruin it like that. aarrgh. it does look nice on though, if thats any consolation! i bought one of thier new(ish) blusher boxes today (supposed to be a benefit dupe) so i hope thats ok! x


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