Nails Inc - Pembroke Close

I recently succumbed to a number of new Nails Inc colours from QVC and made the mistake of counting the number of unique Nails Inc colours I have (eeek! - I'll do a post on them all at some point but suffice to say the total is in 3 figures)

This was the one that most called out to me when I unpacked them.

This is Pembroke Close, a gorgeous mid to dark lilac/purple creme.



As ever the formula is great (I really must find some Nails Inc in my collection that don't share their great formula) - this is 2 coats with no top coat.


  1. You have over 100 Nails Inc polishes???
    Eek double plus with extra eek!
    I'm only envious.... ;o)

  2. um yup, and not only over 100, but over 100 unique colours! I have dupes of many. Pleased to say that I haven't paid full price (£10.50?) for a single one though! And in contrast I have less than 10 OPI's

  3. OMG, this is a beautiful color and a great swatch. I don't think I've seen this hue before. Lovely!


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