Famous by Sue Moxley 3

Another Sue Moxley, I had such a good experience with the previous ones that I snapped up some more when I spotted them on sale for £2 each in TJ Hughes.



No 3 (gggrrggh, no names) is an orangey coral with fine silver/pink shimmer
This is 3 coats, but I still have some vnl

And surprising this works better with my skintone than I expected


  1. I must pop in to TJ Hughes again. I got a Sue Moxley Suede. If you like that finish then it's probably a really great polish. Mid/dark blue. Sadly I don't but I didn't read the bottle thoroughly.

    I'd get this so I need to go for a rummage. My hands get so sticky though in my local branch - sifting through the dross for that nugget!


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