Bloom - Kate

This is the other Bloom I picked up a few months ago - unfortunately there wasn't a huge selection of colours in the Superdrug in Sheffield although more than any other Superdrug I'd been in!



Kate is a pale blue creme, the application, as is common with pastel cremes, was tricky. This is 2 coats and I probably should've done 3.

It's a lovely colour and look ma, no lobster hands!

Overall I wasn't overly impressed with either of the Blooms I tried, there wasn't exactly anything wrong with them but they weren't as fabulous as I had hoped for the price (around £8 IIRC)


  1. Nice. But £8!! Why does my Superdrug not stock these?
    Attractive bottles. I am trying so hard not to buy online. I want to discipline myself by restricting my expenditure to cash. Perhaps setting aside a set sum each month. So easy just to paypal everything.

    But I have so few local shops offering a decent range and featuring new stock regularly. The tribulations of a British polish-buyer...

  2. That is so pretty! I'm in love.

  3. Still have the love for pastels: This is gorgeous.

  4. That's a gorgeous colour, I have never seen this make before in my local Superdrug...I wonder if they were just distributed in certain stores as a trial...hmmmmmm!


  5. Ooooh, this is pretty! :D


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