Sue Moxley 14

Sorry - another weeks break - but this time I have a good excuse, it was my birthday(!) and my beloved was working in Amsterdam and so I headed over to join him for a celebratory weekend. The weather was bitterly cold and very wintery but we hired bikes, bought hats & gloves and cycled round like locals. We also found great places to eat and I may have picked up a couple of bottles of polish to share with you all.

But for now, back to the regular programming...

The second Sue Moxley I picked is the aptly named 14, well who knows maybe the number 14 is a slightly frosty peacock green. It obviously is in Sue's world!

This is a little too 'frosty' for me, but it's a lush colour and best of all qualifies as a one-coat-wonder. I did two out of habit but if you were in a rush, one would work fine which redeems the slight frostiness for me



Overall good application, nice shade, just let down slightly by the frostiness.


  1. Gorgeous, it reminds me of Gosh Ocean. :)

    Happy belated birthday, by the way. :)


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