Famous by Sue Moxley no11

Gah, another week without posting, the house project, now thankfully in it's final stages is still eating up my free time.

Sue Moxley is a make-up artist, I can't say I'm particularly up on make-up artists so I've never heard of her, have you?

She has a range of makeup called Famous by Sue Moxley which I'm pretty sure is unique to Superdrug. I've perused the range in the past but as often in Superdrug the display was a bit of a state and while some of the eyeshadows looked interesting the prices were quite high. And there was no nail polish so how interested could I be?!

But revisiting the range I found they'd introduced a small but interesting range of nail polish - hooray! So I snapped up a few to try.

Let's look at the regular polish first, called Advanced Performance Nail Colour - this is 11 - no names, how dull.


Vibrant Purple creme, this is three coats, but I probably could've done two. It's nothing unique but a pretty colour and very shiny!


  1. Pretty color. I've never heard of Sue Moxley either.

  2. That's a very pretty polish! I've heard of her, but only because I've seen her range in superdrug. Never actually had a look at the items though

  3. I have never heard of the brand, but that is a lovely color!

  4. Oh, this is gorgeous! I love cremes and berry colors. :)

  5. That is just so beautiful! I've never heard of this brand either.


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