ASOS Paint Pots by Ciaté II

I mostly bought these because they were cheap - the ASOS sale is a dangerous place to be - but they turned out to be pretty good.

I don't normally talk about the packaging but this was interesting so I thought I'd show you. Although ASOS do sell Paint bottles individually I bought these as duo's and they came in these cool boxes

From the outside it's a striking black box with high impact lettering


then you slide open the box (like a matchbox) to reveal the two polishes nestling in their own compartments inside. Sweet, huh?


So onto the polishes...

First up is Agyness, a blackened puple with pink shimmer

Look how pretty it looks in the bottle

Unfortunately much less so on the nail. The shimmer doesn't really come through at all.

This is 2 coats with no top coat

The second in the set is Pixie (I'm assuming Pixie Geldof). It's a mid green, slightly blue-toned green creme

Again this is 2 coats.

I really liked this one, the colour is unusual and coverage is good.

Overall this is two good polishes, interesting packaging and a great price in the sale.


  1. Both are beautiful and the packaging is adorable!

  2. Gorgeous polishes, love the packaging too! I have Agyness, it's a pretty polish

  3. I have Pixie, I need to wear it as a full mani soon! It's a fab colour.

  4. Those are both really calm and lovely colors.

  5. Very sophisticated colors, they look wonderful on you :-)

    The box is gorgeous too, very chique:-)

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments gals!

  7. lovely colors and really neat packging too!

  8. Pixie is a great colour. I was kinda hoping it was named after Pixie Lott rather than Geldof.


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