Models Own - two colours that look the same, but aren't

The final two cremes in my collection are Betty Blue and Blue Gem. Due to the problems in photographing purple they may appear more similar than they really are.

Betty Blue is a mid blue creme with a slight jelly feeling. Whereas Blue Gem is a definite Blurple, but of course in the pics it looks more blue than IRL.

Betty Blue
3 coats, no topcoat

Blue Gem

I had a few problems with Blue Gem, it's almost like the pigment isn't mixed properly into the polish. It doesn't help that Models Own polishes don't come with ballz, but both in the bottle and on my nail I was aware of an odd red cast to this one - almost like a matt red shimmer in the polish. You'll probably have to click to bring up the big pics to have any chance of seeing this.

3 coats with topcoat.

This polish was also kinda thin - you can see it still looks a bit streaky and odd after 3 coats. As all the others were fine I'm tempted to think I just had a slightly duff bottle here. Anyone else had problems with any Models Own polishes?


  1. Does it look like Nails Inc Belgrave Place? It sure looks gorgeous on your pics.

  2. P.S. Was talking about Blue Gem. =)

  3. I hate trying to photograph purple; it drives me nuts!

  4. I just stumbled on your blog looking for more Models Own swatches (aside from those I have) since I am loving mine. I think I will get this color next. However, I never experienced having a thin/streaky Models Own polish out of the 20 I have from this brand. Maybe I should buy this and confirm if it's the polish or just a bad bottle? All my other Models Own polishes were pretty awesome.


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